Thursday, June 24, 2021


As a primary software solution provider within the County of Riverside, we are dedicated to deliver solutions that offer a balanced blend of legacy systems knowledge along with the latest cutting edge technologies, all within the County's own enterprise-wide infrastructure. Our methods employ today's latest technologies and industry trends, while remaining attentive to business best practice techniques and certifications. Above all, our team of experienced developers have a passion for building powerful applications that will help you and your department meet its demanding and ever-changing business needs.
App Development


We serve you clean, useful, enduring programs that meet your needs and fit your budget.

Reporting Services


We offer solid expertise at collecting, aggregating and delivering attractive, accurate reports.

Web Collaboration


Simplify the organization and sharing of information.

Web Maintenance


A website requires time and attention. We will do it for you so your staff can stay focused.

Business Automation


We work with you to design powerful tools to streamline your business objectives.

Service Management


Using stable, industry-standard tools, we help you manage issues and service staff with ease.

Web Content Management


Updating your website does not have to be rocket science. Our team will show you how to simplify the process.

Consulting Services


We can provide helpful knowledge to ensure you reach a solution that gives you lasting value.

Staff Augmentation


Our staff is available when you need us. Part-time, full-time, remotely or in-house.

Web Development


We are experts at creating web solutions for every aspect of your complex business needs.

We are the application development arm of Riverside County Information Technology (RCIT). Our highly educated and experienced staff is ready to assist you through every step of the software development process.
County of Riverside

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