Thursday, June 24, 2021


Riverside County Information Technology is a full-service provider of IT services. Please click on the links to the left for specific product and service information.

RCIT is an Internal Service Fund (ISF) department with 100% reliance on revenues received from services. In many of our lines of business, we compete with public industry for service. To gain and retain customers, we must be competitive in pricing, service quality, responsiveness, customer service, and professionalism. When our customers look to RCIT as their service provider, we believe we have a competitive advantage.

Comprehensive Technological Expertise: we have a large staff with varied backgrounds and specialties, strong vendor relationships, and we maintain a high level of investment in our human capital through continual training.

State of the Art Equipment: we maintain the latest hardware and software to meet the needs of our customers, and we continually look for new technology, which can perform these functions better, faster, less expensively, and with greater reliability.

Secure Systems: we partner with a team of security specialists whose role is to ensure the integrity of our countywide systems. We provide secure systems and applications, and we protect customer data and systems from unauthorized access.

Streamlining Costs: we created a rate structure that reflects the true cost of service. We have the wherewithal to quickly compare RCIT service and product rates to those in the industry, and identify gaps to initiate measures to reduce cost and enhance service. We realigned our business practices to find a more efficient model.

Strong Effective Leadership: we have proven leadership skills to balance bottom line tactical activities with strategic thinking. We support the County’s highly acclaimed leadership training programs, and focus on honing the skills of current leadership while developing the skills of our future leaders. We place high value in collaborative relationships and customer partnerships.

Effective Project Management: we use proven automated monitoring techniques to ensure we honor our commitments and complete projects on time and within budget. We closely scrutinize internal projects through a structured business case analysis, and all projects follow an industry standard for developing project charters before any resources are committed to a project.