Thursday, June 24, 2021

Enterprise Applications Bureau (EAB)

The Enterprise Applications Bureau (EAB) develops, implements, and maintains information systems for enterprise County customers and provides tools that enable the public to discover, interact, and participate with their government.

EAB is responsible for the following services:

PeopleSoft Human Capital and Financial Management Support - The PeopleSoft team supports the Human Capital and Financial Management system (County Enterprise Resource Planning).  This is the personnel and fiscal system of record for the County of Riverside and provides the means to effectively manage all 22,000 County employees, the County budget and $4.4 billion in annual spending.

  • PeopleSoft Human Capital Management System, v9.0
    • This Enterprise application supports all of the Recruiting, Benefits processing and Payroll for over 20,000 County and Special District employees.
  • PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management System, v9.1
    • This Enterprise application supports all of the Requisitioning, Purchasing, Contracting, Budget Control, Project Costing, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Asset Management for all departments in the County of Riverside.
  • PeopleSoft Budget Administration System for Enterprise
    • Custom program built on a PS framework that allows all County Departments and the Executive Office to create budget forecasts and create a budget book to meet State Budget requirements.

Department Application and Support Division - The Department Application and Support Division manages over 130 IT software and hardware projects in 12 County Departments, 175 separate software applications in 12 County Departments, provides support for the DPSS data warehouse as well as over 300 separate department reporting services and is assisting with RFP process for ROV and Waste Resources.  This division provides Application Development, Application Support, Database services, data warehouse services, data reporting, application implementations, and business systems analysis for the following County departments:

  • Department of Child Support Services
  • Flood Control
  • Transportation and Land Management
  • Waste Resources
  • Purchasing and Fleet Services
  • Department of Public Social Services
  • Registrar of Voters
  • Emergency Management Department
  • Auditor Controller
  • Environmental Health
  • Human Resources
  • Probation

What type of services and solutions are available for the county departments?

  • Business Systems Analysis – Business requirements documentation
  • RFP/RFI authorship including gathering business and technical requirements
  • Project Management
  • Software Application implementation Services
  • Document Management Application Support
  • Application Development and Support for County Departments
  • Application Development utilizing .NET, VB.NE, C#, SQLServer database services, and cloud platform services.
  • Web Application development
  • Database and data reporting services for County Departments
  • The ongoing support of legacy applications, updating legacy applications, rewriting, and supporting COTS implementations.

Geographic Information Systems - Since 1989, Riverside County has been integrating GIS technology into many of its governmental functions such as land development, land use and Planning, road construction and maintenance, demographics. Consolidated back in 2012 from TLMA, the RCIT-GIS team performs support and services that include the following:
RCIT-GIS services and solutions provided to county departments:

  • ESRI Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) administration
  • Administer the ESRI Enterprise Advantage Program (EEAP)
  • Facilitate EGIS subcommittee meetings
  • Mapping exhibits and web applications
    • Planning, Parks, Executive Office, public, County Council…
  • Print and scanning services
    • Ability to scan and print, small to large formats
  • Customer and counter services
    • Property information, mapping exhibits, mailing labels...
  • Emergency Management Department
    • EOC responders for GIS support
    • Web maps and apps
  • Research and development
  • Data conversion
  • Demographics
    • Population data requests
    • Census 2020 geography programs: PSAP, BBSP, LUCA, BAS
    • 2020 BOS redistricting
  • Geocoding services
    • Ability to map address information by single address or batch
  • Addressing
    • Contract cities – Jurupa Valley, Menifee and Wildomar
    • Coordination with Sheriff Emergency 911
    • Tract map addressing for new development
    • City annexations and special districts boundary changes
  • Field surveys and data collection application
    • Waste Resources, DPSS, Environmental Health, Flood
  • Foreclosure data processing and data extracts
  • Data maintenance
    • Approximately 300 spatial data layers within production environment
  • Data distribution
  • Aerial imagery
    • High resolution imagery hosting to county staff
  • Census 2020 programs
    • BBSP, BAS, LUCA, PSAP, redistricting
  • Web maps, services and applications
    • Veterans Services, First 5, DPSS, RCOE, DAS,  Waste Resources
  • Ordinance driven data: i.e.: TUMF, Ord 521, …
  • Map My County (land info system)
    • GIS interfaces with county staff on updates and maintenance
  • WRCOG, CVAG, MSHCP support
  • General Plan, zoning, land use efforts for Planning Department
  • Facilitate GIS Technical User Group meetings
  • GIS annual event coordination
    • GIS Day
    • ESRI International User Conference
    • ESRI Developer Summit

The RCIT-GIS team supports spatial data from creation to management.

  • Approximately 300 data layers in GIS publication supported by GIS staff
  • Approximately 900 additional layers supported by GIS DBA’s

The RCIT-GIS team supports more departments now then prior to the IT consolidation.

  • Prior to consolidation: 10 departments and 132 desktop installations of ArcGIS software.
  • Post consolidation: 22 departments with 220 desktop installs along with ArcGIS Online, an ESRI collaborative web GIS environment, has 386 named users.

Database Solutions Division – The database solutions team is responsible for the performance monitoring, integrity and security of a databases for various departments (ACO, HR, TLMA, Public Health, Executive office, Treasurer, Purchasing, DPSS, Sheriff, Hospital and FLEET) in county. Also involved in the planning, installation, configuration, database design, migration, and troubleshooting, backup and data recovery MS SQL and Oracle Databases.

Over 90 SQL servers that house over 1500 databases, including:

  • PeopleSoft Financials, HCM and Base Development, test and production
    • 120 servers (App, Batch, Web and windows)
  •  PeopleSoft Financials, HCM and Base Development, test, Reporting and production
    • 20 databases.
  •  5 databases Remedy, Telsoft and Tirirga, more coming from Flood and Fleet Services.

This division also supports the new Enterprise GIS environment is comprised of:

  • 25 virtual servers, which makes up the production, staging, and development environments.  This includes
  • 6 SQL servers
  • 63 Geodatabases
  • 10 ArcGIS servers
  • 5 Web servers

Applications that are currently supported by the Database Support Division include:

  • Laserfiche – Currently support five document repositories including TLMA, Human Resources, Public Health, ACO, and PeopleSoft (HR, Purchase Orders, Contracts and Vouchers).
  • TLMA legacy Land Management System (LMS-‘Permits’) application administration and database support.
  • TLMA ‘PLUS’ Planning and Land Use Management system support.

Enterprise Application -The application team provides IT service management solutions, web, mobile and desktop application and database support for enterprise tools.   The teams provide web content solutions, responsive mobile sites and applications, custom and/or off the shelf desktop applications.

  • 130+ software projects in 12 county departments
  • ServiceNow is a software as a service, IT service management, IT operations management and IT business management solution utilized to manage incident reporting, service desk needs, asset/inventory management and movement, IT billing and facilities management. 
  • Remedy Service Desk creates, updates, closes or reopens tickets based on a seamless workflow for incident management and resolution.
  • The Granicus/GovDelivery Communications Cloud software as a service platform engages internal customers to help make policies more effective and to transform the citizen experience so that everything from road closures to housing programs are better communicated, understood, and ultimately successful.
  • The Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform enables greater productivity for the County line of business applications.  It provides the ability to easily tailor, extend, connect and build applications with a modern platform to meet specific business needs and seamlessly connects to the Office 365 suite to provide customers with a familiar look and experience. 
  • Microsoft SharePoint services empowers teamwork with dynamic and productive team sites for every project team, department, and division. SharePoint enables the sharing of files, data, news, document and resources. Customizable intranet sites can be built to streamline department communication and collaborate effortlessly and securely with team members inside and outside county divisions. 
  • Development of Mobile Service Solutions to provide responsive online applications for our smartphone and tablet using constituent groups. 


Website Support – The website support team plans, designs, develops and maintains websites from start to finish for all county departments.  This team works closely with customers to develop professional, well-designed websites that fit the customers’ needs.

  • 600+ web sites
  • 12,000+ web pages across 38 departments
  • 2,000,000 County web site hits every year