Thursday, June 24, 2021

Departmental Application Support / Special Projects (DASP)

Through the IT consolidation all Information Technology Officers (ITOs) and Business Systems Analyst (BSAs) were placed in the RCIT budget, but functionally do not report to any of the Bureaus. The structure of the organization is to place the ITOs and BSAs as functional experts for specific applications of the department and leverage the three Bureaus as the technical experts that manage all of the network, hardware and software that keep the departmental systems operational.

Departmental Application Support
Some ITOs, based on the size of the department and complexity of the business applications, are devoted to a single department. Others are shared to reduce costs to the departments. The BSAs are application and business process specialists who understand the commercial off the shelf solutions or custom built RCIT applications and provide the necessary training, support and configuration management for the application. They are tasked with capturing requirements, writing RFPs, assisting with vendor selection and coordinating upgrades and modifications to systems.

Special Projects
Departments often require a technology solution to a specific business problem. Where an ITO or BSA resource does not exist, RCIT will have a limited number of Special Project resources available to understand the business problem, search the industry for options, and make recommendations for implementation. These resources will be tasked with implementing and supporting these special projects until the department BSA's can assume responsibility for the application. If the application becomes an enterprise product benefiting more than one department, RCIT is in the best position to support the enterprise application. RCIT utilizes a Project Portfolio Management System in lieu of a Project Management Office due to staffing constraints. The Special Projects Office will also serve as Project Managers for large and complex projects.