Thursday, June 24, 2021

Converged Communications Bureau (CCB)

The Converged Communications Bureau is responsible for providing the County of Riverside with a secure, resilient, and high performing network, delivering converged voice and data communications and public safety radio services. The goal of the CCB is to provide network connectivity and voice, data, video and radio services in support of County department's business needs.

The CCB's management and technical team consists of a group of dedicated professionals who are experienced, technically proficient, and focused on delivering Customer Centric Service that is better, faster and fiscally prudent through technology.

CCB supports the following:
  • More than 23,000 telephones and more than 60,000 network connections
  • Telephone services for more than 22,000 employees
  • 17,000,000 incoming, outgoing and network telephone calls a year
  • 112 Call Center groups with over 2,700 Contact Center agents
  • 125 WebEx accounts and 188 Audio Tele Conferencing accounts
  • WAN (CoRNET) consisting of approximately 450 Nodes
  • 1,519 VPN access accounts
  • 4,500 miles of copper station cabling
  • Over 300 miles of copper & fiber backbone cabling
  • 1,750 Telephone directory listings
  • Combined total of 92 remote microwave towers, of which 71 are radio sites
  • The microwave network consists of 1,065 microwave miles
  • Approximately 4,500 radio users and 1,300 data users
  • 17,000,000 push to talk conversations PSEC annually
  • Support High Performance Data (HPD) and 4.9 GHz hot spots along with Integrated Voice and Data (IV&D)
  • 3,301 T1 microwave circuits available for use (hop to hop)

Converged Network Services (CNS) - The CNS provides design and support for both the VoIP and LAN/WAN and wireless networks for the county's converged network and communications systems, including;
  • Departmental and enterprise network and management
  • Project management
  • Integrated Voice over IP (VoIP) system
  • Legacy telephone system
  • LAN support
  • Enterprise wireless
  • Management of enterprise DNS supporting all public and internal web addresses
  • VPN support
  • Enterprise and departmental firewall support
  • Converged network monitoring and capacity planning

Converged Installation and Maintenance (CIM) - CIM provides installation services and maintenance for the Converged Network.
  • Manages customer service requests for add, move and changes to the VoIP and data converged networks
    • Telephone billing and tracking
    • Project Management
  • Infrastructure design and engineering for new and existing facilities
  • Liaison for telecommunication orders to outside providers for voice and data services
  • Installation of infrastructure cabling (copper & fiber), new telephones, switches, routers, paging equipment, and wireless access points, etc.
  • Customer training on all VoIP features and services (voice mail, contact center, jabber, etc.)

Public Safety Enterprise Communication (PSEC) - PSEC System provides the technology to meet the communication needs of our public safety and public service agencies.

The PSEC System is one of the most feature-rich public safety radio systems across the nation enabling the County's public safety responders to communicate more efficiently and effectively with each other and with other agencies across the County.

The PSEC system is a voice and data network of 71 radio sites that provides 90% voice coverage within Riverside County. These include two sites in Arizona, three sites in San Bernardino County, and one in Orange County.

The radio coverage extends as far as Long Beach to the west and the top of the Cajon Pass to the north.
  • Public Safety Enterprise Communications (PSEC) System
    • Four distinct digital networks including the PSEC voice system, high performance data, 4.9 GHz broadband data, and microwave.
    • Microwave and Radio System Management and Support
    • There are three radio service shops that support five vehicle bays at Alessandro, two in Indio, and three in Blythe where a team of Radio Techs perform radio installations, light bar and siren installs, and mobile data computer support.

The Converged Communications Bureau is positioned to support the current operational needs of county departments while strategically addressing future county business requirements through technology.